Meet Backyard Bee Farmers Heather and Steve

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  • 18 July 2021

Saturday was a good day! The bees looked healthy and happy.

I’ve been working with Heather and Steve as first time backyard bee farmers this summer. It’s a family affair now, where both husband and wife duo are looking forward to hopefully getting some honey from their own yard. Yea!

The bees are definitely doing their job. This hive is a ten frame hive. I use the eight frame hive. That hopefully means more honey for them! The super was applied about three weeks ago and the bees have already started on a few frames. They have started to cap off the honey on two frames. Yea!

Here are few photos from the inspection.

Steve is spraying the frame with sugar water to encourage the bees to start building comb on the this super frame
Heather is happy to see the bees are starting to cap off the honey on one of the frames
Meet Heather and Steve

Thank you for stopping by. Hope you will be back soon for my next posting. 

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Natalie Grant

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Meet Backyard Bee Farmers Heather and Steve

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