Why the name Nat’s Honey Bee Real Estate?

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  • 2 July 2021

Nat’s Honey Bee Real Estate is passionate about the honeybee. We aim to spread the word about them, with the hope that more people become informed, mindful and compassionate of bees and their surroundings. Perhaps with any luck, we encourage some backyard beekeeping.

Did you know that honeybees are very important? They are a significant contributor of pollinating flowers, fruits, and vegetables. They do this by transferring pollen between the male and female parts of plants, which in turn allows plants to grow flowers, seeds and fruits.

Humans can learn so much from the honeybee. The home in which they live is called a hive or colony, which one could say, mirrors some aspects of human living and experiences. Just like we have our home with different family members, each having their own role. A colony is divided into three main functions. There’s the queen, the workers, and the drones. With each category of bees having their own function and contribution to the hive.

What is even more fascinating is the honeycomb structure that the bees build as their home. Did you know that the honeycomb is known to be one of the strongest structures that exists in nature or that is man made? We use the honeycomb structure in the aerospace world to design and build robust and lightweight parts. Many of the vanes and surrounding areas in an aircraft engine for example (used for straightening or sealing off the air), have the honeycomb integrated in its design. In addition, some cardboard boxes have a honeycomb structure for its weight to strength benefits. It is in the honeycomb cell where the queen will lay her 2500 eggs per day, or the worker bees will store pollen or nectar from flowers that eventually become honey.

One more thing before I go. I just have to share that bees are the best at quality control. Honey lasts forever! Ask the archeologists that found some honey in the pyramids of Egypt.

Thank you for reading. Hope you will be back soon for my next posting.

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Bees hanging out on the side of their house ?


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